My work-in-progress is a Regency Novel called Censure and Liberty, to be released on Amazon any soon. Right now, I am editing and proofreading it. This new book is a stand-alone novel, based on two side characters of my first novel Your Sweet Voice in the dark: Ms Theresa Parker and Oliver Lerry. They were very young in the first novel, and I loved them so much that I had to tell their own story apart. That is to say that the two novels complement and enrich each other, but you do not need the other to understand the story of each book.

(If you are part of a serious publishing company, feel free to contact me so we can chat about this new novel).

So you do not have to wait for the release empty-handed, read my first novel Your Sweet Voice in the dark or take a look at my blogging posts.

That’s it, Folks! Keep reading good books and carry on! We can get through all this chaos together.

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