I love poetry. My first texts were poems written in Portuguese! So why not stop a bit to write some poems in English? Here are some poems in the English language that I have casually posted at my tweeter account:


what are we to wait from tomorrow 
if tomorrow plays a game with no rules
what we seed may never grow roots 
and, instead of fruits, we harvest sorrow 

Today, however, I can sow the present 
Perhaps, I happen to dig out a treasure
and stop waiting for things to happen
For Good 

Good you are alive
Good you are here
Good I can hide In your good nearness 
Good I can count
 On you for good 
Good I can die
 Because you make me live 
Good I can live Because you died for me
From time to time 

I cry with despair
 From time to time
 I am too cool to care
There are some days
 the skies are my limit
Some days, however,
 I am over my limits 
Somedays I am over my tops
 Somedays I am under my downs 
Somedays nothing will rhyme 
and days with poetry inside

I may never feel so fine 
as everyone would like. 
I may never be playing safe 
as it should be wisely said.
 I just have faith
 I will win ME over.
 My hope is that,
 one day or another,
 I'll be ready for my miracle
 to come into my world 
regardless of me.

Free of my own freedom
Tanned by light bulbs 
Maddened by my own wisdom 
Lost among my scopes
I wait, I expect, I hope 
to loosen all these loads 
To undress this armour
With which I have to cope 

I fear turning a cacoon of words 
Ostracized in my world 
diving deeper into my head 
becoming a stranger to the past

 I don't know myself any more 
what will I be after leaving this capsule? 
Will I be a hiding moth 
a butterfly out'a self-castle?
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