Five Practical tips to have ideas for your book! Inspire yourself!

How to bring creativity and deepness to your side when you are writing your WIP.

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Creativity and writing walk together. Lately, I have not had many problems with building characters, plots or dialogues. That is why I have thought of sharing some creativity hacks that have been helping me to get inspired Probably, you may well already use some of them, but I am not here to judge what it is obvious.

Just to be clear: this is a post about tips to write with more creativity. In other words, this is not an article on writing block or on how to feel motivated or on how to have discipline. I will assume that you are already motivated to write and produce. Trying to write without unwillingness is really a creativity killer. Therefore, I firstly advise you to find ways of getting into the mood. Strolling, releaxing etc. Sometimes lack of motivation and creativity has to do with mental health, and it is not your fault that you are struggling with discipline. Most of my problems with writing discipline have to with my mood swings, so I try to forgive myself for not being productive.

Having said these, here we go to the creativity writing tips.

1- Create a file with ideas for your book on Pinterest

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You can browse and save images of things related to the universe where you write. For instance, my Work-in-Progress is Censure and Liberty, a Regency Novel in 1816, so I am constantly browsing objects and paintings of that year. Recently, I have seen this paiting of three girls secretely reading a letter. My young main character is always writing letters to a friend, and I thought that it could be interesting if my book had a scene where some bully girls read her letter to mock her. It was just another random pin of painting, but it brought me an idea to enrichen the story and brign some sparkingling to it. I also like choosing a random portrait or house for every character and modify them in my head.

This pinterest tip works for any book genre: if you write fantasy, you may want to browse pins about legends and myths. Writing is not only words!

2- Follow hashtags, places, “cosplayers” or artists on Instagram

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You are procastinating on Instagram. Suddenly, a cosplayer of the vintage period appears strolling by Paris. Bang! It occurs to you that you can make your character to go to Paris. Then, you look at photos taken in Paris. Cafés and happy couples everywhere. Bang! You character will fall in love at this Café! Love is in the air! Later on, a French painter whom you now follow posts the drawing of this handsome man in a nice suit with lots of blue colours. Now you have the perfect blasé atmosphere for your main character’s crush.

3 -Create a playlist with what your characters would sing

No, I am not talking about a playlist of all those nice songs that you like. I am talking about using a playlist whose lyrics express your character’s feelings, personality, thoughts, or behaviour. Listen to the playlist whenever that character is in action during your writing. It will make you get into his head. It workds for me a lot! I am not telling you to use part of the lyrics but to surround yourself with a sountrack of musical empathy.

For example, my main character Mr Paul Spencer in Your Sweet Voice in the Dark was angry with the other main character Ms Josephine Felicity. I found that the contemporary song Complicated by Avril Lavigne put me into everything that he would think about this other character in 1812! No, Josephine was not wearing “preppy” clothes, but she was acting “like somebody else”. Addint to this, I thought that the song Hot N’ Cold by Kate Perry expressed how annoyed Josephine Felicity was withPaul’s indecision.

Sometimes I do not even like the song very much: if it is perfect for the character, I will listen to it. Also, one song might only serve to a scene, so yeah. When I am done, bye bye. Just do not fall to the trap of sticking too much to what the song says because your character is more than that.

4- Do the dishes or whatever too boring

There is a writing mistery involving the laundry. It might enfuriate you, but the best ideas may come to you when you are doing anything but being in front of your computer. When you are out of ideas, do something boring that does not fill your thoughts or require so much attention. The only reason why you brain won’t stop giving the most brilliant ideas when you try to sleep is because you are not either paying attention to anything or inputing any information ot it. Maybe, your problem with creativity has been trying to be crativity for far too long rather than doing something ordinary.

5- Ask yourself questions, interview your character, pretend that you are their therapist, change POV for a moment

Why are you behaving this way, Mr Jones? Where would I go if this happened to me when I was fifteen like my character? Open up your heart to me, Mr Jones. What object can my character see and relate to? What animal would you be? Am I using my character’s five senses rather than only sight? What would be the worst/best thing to happen to you now, Mr Jones? What is your favourite colour? How do you see yourself in the next 5 years? hahahahah

Once, I had to get into a very important introspective part in the story. That is the reason why I changed my Point of view from third person to first person. Afterwards, I wrote it back to third person. I was surprised with the results.

So, let me know if you have more creativity hacks.

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