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Here you can find a bit about my work-in-progress as well as my life as an author.

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My new Novel launched on Oct, 22, 2020.
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1811, the Spencer family is looking forward to their heir's return from the battlefields in Portugal. Let alone Josephine Felicity, a maid whose genuine bond with Paul Spencer had been observable since their childhood. To everyone's surprise, an unexpected blindness is the reason why the brave horseman is back to London. Despite the challenges of his new condition, Paul Spencer finds out that worse battles await for him in England, firstly, because he is forced to choose between abiding by his family's conventions or staying with the true love of his life. However, a mysterious wise woman comes into his life and confronts him to decide for what his heart had known all along.

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The growth of the main characters in a novel

The development of characters is something that I have always admired in books. It is satisfying to realise that they are changing and overcoming barriers. I like observing how events impact their thoughts and behaviour. In my novel Censure and Liberty, I had to build the story of two teenagers (13-14 years) until they became young adults (20).Continue reading “The growth of the main characters in a novel”

Dowagers and Widows in 19th C. England

Originally posted on Jane Austen's World:
“The Bath paper one morning announced the arrival of the Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple, and her daughter, the Honourable Miss Carteret. . . ” – Jane Austen, Persuasion I have often wondered about dowagers and their status in Regency society in relation to widows. When did a widow become…

Five Practical tips to have ideas for your book! Inspire yourself!

How to bring creativity and deepness to your side when you are writing your WIP. Creativity and writing walk together. Lately, I have not had many problems with building characters, plots or dialogues. That is why I have thought of sharing some creativity hacks that have been helping me to get inspired Probably, you mayContinue reading “Five Practical tips to have ideas for your book! Inspire yourself!”

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